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Disease Management

Having a chronic disease can be hard. It’s not just hard on the patient, but it can also be hard on the family. However, having a chronic disease shouldn’t prevent you or your loved one from living life to the fullest. We at Concierge Home Care are dedicated to alleviating the worries and stress that patients and their families might have. That’s why we provide Disease Management Service.

We work with the patient and family to control the disease and make it more livable with this service. We plan a schedule of wellness classes, housekeeping, meal preparation, counseling sessions, and many other things to help your loved one succeed.

We also make sure that you and your loved one understand what to expect with their treatment. We give you a schedule of how many days they’re supposed to be taking medication when they undergo treatment, lab work, and other medical treatments that the doctor has prescribed.

Your loved one’s needs will be our priority. Our staff is thoroughly trained in patient care so that your loved ones will have the best possible life that they can have. Contact us today at 732-508-5011 to learn more.